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nr04Treatment of periodontal diseases commonly called paradontosis as well as diseases of oral cavity mucosa.
The progress of paradontosis depends on the content of the bacterial flora inside oral cavity and the thoroughness of the hygienic procedures performed by the patient.
Smoking constitutes an important pathogenic factor.
The role of periodontologist is to capture the inflammatory process at the earliest stage, the most efficient inhibition of the action of harmful factors and gradual regeneration of the lost tissue.
We offer a full scope of peridontologic procedures:
from removing supragingival and subgingival calculus, sandblasting and fluoride varnish treatment through splinting (for mutual stabilization) to surgical procedures aiming at cleaning and regenerating bone cavities with the help of preparations like Emdogain, Fisiograft, BIO-oss, Easygraft, patient’s own bone and various biomembrane systems.