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Consultation adults40 zł
Consultation children40 zł
Adaptation visit40 zł
Control (for regular client*)free
* A regular client is a client who has treated all teeth in our clinic and regularly comes for follow-up visits every 6 months.


Infiltration anesthesia20 zł
Conduction anesthesia30 zł
Nitrous oxide – children 0,5 h (ul. Garwolińska 16)100 zł
Nitrous oxide – adults 0,5 h(ul. Garwolińska 16)120 zł
Nitrous oxide mask (to be tried)40 zł
General anesthesia – sedation – 1h400 zł
Additional payment for treatment in general anesthesia price x 1,5


Cavit dressing / temporary dressing40 zł
Therapeutic dressing (zinc oxide)80 zł
Direct pulp coating (Calcipulpe + Life)40 zł
Composite filling class I100 – 200 zł
Composite filling class II and IV 150 – 250 zł
Composite filling class III150 – 200 zł
Composite filling class V100 – 150 zł
MOD filling200 – 250 zł
One point filling100 zł
Glass ionomer filling100 zł
Tooth rebuilding premolar tooth270 zł
Tooth rebuilding molar tooth300 zł
Composite veneer300 zł
Tooth decoration300 zł


Partial cleaning – scaling (up to ten teeth)100 - 200 zł
Partial sandblasting (up to 10 teeth)80 - 100 zł
Full cleaning – scaling (over 10 teeth)150 - 250 zł
Full sandblasting (over 10 teeth)100 - 150 zł
Cleaning packet: scaling, sandblasting, fluorization250 - 300 zł
Fluoride lacquer60 zł
Foam fluorization 70 zł
Fluorization – permanent teeth (both arches)80 zł
Tooth oversensitivity (seal protector – 1 visit)50 zł
Filling grooves (sealing)(1 tooth)100 zł
Extended groove filling150 zł
Silver nitrate impregnation – 1 visit40 zł
Silver nitrate impregnation – 2 and 3 visit25 zł
Laser therapy (biostimulating laser)30 zł


Dead tooth whitening100 zł
Dead tooth whitening – additional visit30 zł
Whitening upper and lower jaw (with trays)800 zł
Additional syringe (tray whitening) 1 piece.100 zł
Beyond lamp whitening (upper and lower jaw) 900 zł
Additional visit with Beyond lamp whitening (within 30 days)300 zł

X-ray Diagnostics

X-ray (during treatment)20 zł
X-ray30 zł
Pantomographic picture for Patients of Komplet Clinic (ul. Zwycięzców)70 zł
Pantomographic picture – outside (ul. Zwycięzców)90 zł

Dental Surgery

Deciduous tooth extraction 90 - 140 zł
Single root tooth or unstable tooth extraction100 zł
Multiple root tooth extraction100 - 200 zł
Wisdom tooth extraction in anesthesia180 - 300 zł
Surgical extraction (chiseling)250 - 350 zł
Extraction of a tooth that stooped growing400 - 500 zł
Root apex resection single root tooth 400 zł
Root apex resection multiple root tooth500 zł
Endo-sinus septal defect plasty300 zł
Endo-sinus septal defect plasty during extraction200 zł
Gingival pocket or gingival lesion removal100 zł
Soft tissue transplant500 - 1 500 zł
Frenulum cutting250 zł
Hemisection or radectomy250 zł
Abscess cutting140 zł
Intra-abscess cavity rinsing / drain replacement50 zł
Surgical dressing (Nipas, Alvogyl, Biokol, Spongostan)50 - 80 zł
Applying stitches60 - 90 zł
Removing stitches following an extraction in a different clinic50 zł
Uncovering a tooth for orthodontic reasons and applying a bracket400 - 500 zł


Periodontologic consultation70 zł
Curettage, pocket correction (per 1 tooth)100 zł
Closed curettage within 6 teeth (subgingival removal of calculus)300 zł
Periodontologic surgery FLAP (per 1 tooth)200 zł
Periodontologic surgery FLAP (per 6 teeth)

biomaterials used for the procedure require additional payment
1 000 zł
Use of Emdogain preparation (1-3 teeth)1 500 zł
Use of Emdogain preparation (6 teeth)2 000 zł
Use of Prefgel preparation exclusively100 zł
Hard tissue replacement preparation (additionally)500 - 1 300 zł
Pocket rinsing + medication50 zł
Teeth splinting with a fiberglass tape (1 tooth)200 zł

Endodontic Treatment - Standard

Pulp devitalization70 zł
Trepanation of the pulp chamber50 zł
Pulp extirpation in anesthesia80 zł
Mortal amputation in primary tooth50 zł
Primary tooth endodontic treatment 120 zł
Preparation of 1 canal100 zł
Preparation of 2 canals160 zł
Preparation of 3 canals240 zł
Preparation of an additional canal60 zł
Intracanal therapeutic dressing (Biopulp)40 zł
Filling of 1 canal ( gutta percha lateral condensation)150 zł
Filling of 2 canals ( gutta percha lateral condensation )200 zł
Filling of 3 canals ( gutta percha lateral condensation )250 zł
Filling of additional canal100 zł
Filling of 1 canal (warm gutta percha)200 zł
Filling of 2 canals ( warm gutta percha )300 zł
Filling of 3 canals ( warm gutta percha )400 zł
Filling of 1 canal with paste100 zł
Filling of 2 canals with paste150 zł
Filling of 3 canals with paste180 zł
Removing of old canal filling100 zł

Leczenie Endodontic Treatment - Specialist

Intracanal visit under the microscope (canal preparation)150-300 zł
Canal filling (after re-endo, instrumjent removal, curved canals, obtura, system b)150 zł
MTA ProRoot (eg. closing perforations and canals with incomplete root development)150-250 zł
Surgical closing of perforation400 zł
Removal of a broken endodontic instrument200-400 zł
Crown-root inlay, canal rod removal (outside the canal)100-150 zł
*(endodontic treatment revision, blocked canals, curved canals, perforations, treatment of teeth with incomplete root development, removing of broken endodontic instruments)

Prosthetics - Fixed Dentures

Inlay, 1,2-surface porcelain onlay1 200 zł
3-surface porcelain onlay1 300 zł
Fiber glass post (1 piece)200- 300 zł
Single steel crown-root inlay280 zł
Single gold crown-root inlay (price depends on the weight of the inlay)400 zł + cena złota
Divided steel crown-root inlay350 zł
Divided gold crown-root inlay (price depends on the weight of the inlay)900 zł + cena złota
Root canal post with ball latch500 zł
Removal of cemented rod200 – 300 zł
Temporary crown made of Protemp material (temporary post tooth)50 zł
Temporary acrylic crown made in a laboratory150 zł
Composite crown250 zł
Metal crown500 zł
Porcelain crown on steel 700 – 900 zł
Porcelain crown on gold (price depends on the weight of the inlay)1 000 – 2 000 zł
Full-ceramic crown Procera1 600 zł
Full-ceramic crown Zirconia1 600 zł
Telecopic crown (seel-steel, steel-galvan, Au-galvan, galvan-galvan)1 000 – 2 000 zł
Crown grinding (additional payment)320 zł
Composite veneer300 zł
Porcelain veneer1 400 zł
Procera veneer1 400 zł
Crown cementing (from another clinic)80 zł
Removing of a bridge or crown (from another clinic)100 zł
Wax up (per tooth)100 zł

Prosthetic - removable artificial dentures

A point in a denture80 zł
Partial denture (1 point, no more than full)80 zł
Full temporary denture – immediate (upper or lower)700 zł
Full denture (upper or lower)900 zł
Cast partial (up to 5 teeth)1 050 zł
Cast partial (more than 5 teeth)1 200 zł
Acetale cast partial1 600 zł
Denture on precision attachents2 000 - 4 000 zł
Denture relining in the clinic200 zł
Denture relining in a laboratory300 zł
Denture repairment (1 point)85 zł
Additional payment for strengthening materials (net, cast metal framework)300 zł
Correction of a denture made in another clinic80 zł
Splint denture1 300 zł
Soft denal guard350 zł
Hard dental guard500 zł
Whitening tray (1 piece)250 zł
Adding a tooth or a bracket85 zł
Debture baseplate repairment85 zł
Cast partial overdenture1 200 zł
Ball latch850 zł
Bar850 zł
Ceka latch950 zł


Orthodontic consultation70 zł
Orientation models50 zł
Orthodontic set-uppo ustaleniu z technikiem
Full diagnostics (models, cephalometry, orthopantomogram) RTG tele i pantomogram + 200 zł
Separating teethbezpłatnie
Applying fixed braces 1 arch1 300 zł
Applying fixed braces 2 archs2 500 zł
Applying cosmetic fixed braces 1 arch1 800 zł
Applying cosmetic fixed braces 2 archs3 600 zł
Follow-up visit with 1 arch150 zł
Follow-up visit with 2 archs200 zł
Applying bracket80 zł
Removal of braces and retention braces700 - 800 zł
Gluing whole retention wire100 - 200 zł
Retention plate200 - 450 zł
Reteiner (per tooth)30 zł
Retention control50 zł
Removable braces – Schwarz plate550 - 650 zł
Removable braces – Klamta650 zł
Follow-up visit with removable braces50 zł
Removable braces repairment100 - 150 zł
Stockfisch appliance850 zł
Block appliance550 zł
Elastic appliance800 zł
RME appliance1 000 zł
Bihelix, Quadhelix550 zł
Doppelplatte900 zł
Headgear550 zł
Kapa tooth200-250 zł
Lip Bumper500 zł
Facemask650 zł
Relaxing splint200 - 300 zł
Soft/hard splint250 zł
Vestibular shield (with instructions)70 zł
Clear Aligner for 1 teeth arch600 zł
Computed orthodontic analysis300zł


Implantological consultation70 zł
Mini dental implants used for stabilising of complete dentures 1 piece (at least 4 pieces need to be placed) – no warranty1 000 zł
Placing of Adin* implant3 000 zł
Placing of Replace* implant3 500 zł
Placing of Ankylos (Denspley)* implant 3 500 zł
Placing of Nobel Active* implant4 500 zł
Placing of Nobel Perfect* implant4 500 zł
Aveoloplasty500 zł
Bone augmentation for a placement of a single implant during the implant placement procedure 1 200 zł
Bone augmentation for a placement of a single implant 2 000 zł
Bone graft (price does not include the cost of biomaterials used in the procedure)1 500 zł
Maxillary sinus floor augmentation procedure during implant placement3 000 zł
Maxillary sinus floor augmentation procedure 3 500 zł
Cost of biomaterials used in the procedure1 000 – 2 000 zł
Implant abutment placement (exposing of the implants)200 - 350 zł
Standard crown2 500 zł
Ceramic crown3 000 zł
All-ceramic crown + ceramic connector3 500 zł