X-ray - dental office

We perform dental and occlusal radiographs on site. Both of our facilities are equipped with radiovisiography that allows precise evaluation of digital images at high magnification.


We offer our patients a revolutionary solution in dental diagnostics. The Kodak 9000 3D imaging system makes it possible to analyze anatomical three-dimensional images directly in the office (tomography), and it also allows us to perform a quick and complete overview of the condition of the teeth with the highest reproducible quality (digital pantomogram).

One of the system’s many advantages is its ability to image fragmented images at high resolution. This allows the finest details to be seen, making it ideal for most dental applications, even those as demanding as endodontics or periodontics. Thanks to 3D imaging, we have the ability to show the patient even better what the treatment is about and where a possible lesion is located and what it looks like, even before treatment measures are taken. This often helps in understanding the problem concerning the patient and getting a better understanding with the doctor.


Our device is designed to limit as much as possible the radiation dose absorbed by the patient during the examination. The average delivered dose for a single 3D examination performed with the Kodak 9000 3D system is one to three days of background radiation – that is, the exposure each of us receives from natural sources. This represents ten to thirty times less dose than competing systems.

Thanks to the online connection between our clinics, images and CT scans from the patient’s database are available at both of our facilities – at the clinic at Zwycięzców 28 immediately, and at the clinic at Garwolinska 16 the day after the examination.