Treatment of children

Our youngest patients, who are attended by paedodontists with a special predisposition, are ff particular importance to us. The first visits to the dental surgery are extremely important. They determine whether future visits to the dentist will be stressful for the child. Familiarity with the dental surgery, learning the purpose and the process of the procedures usually results in the complete exclusion of anxiety associated with the procedures. A reward system allows the child to think of the next dental appointment as something pleasant. Our dentists are not only focused on treatment, but also on preventive treatments (varnishing, sealing) in a relaxed, reassuring atmosphere.
Children who are particularly sensitive or who have experienced dental trauma can be treated with laughing gas (nitrous oxide), which has a relaxing and calming effect. It has no side effects and does not cause addiction. We especially welcome patients who have developed a fear of the dentist’s surgery. Usually the fear disappears after just a few appointments, allowing further treatment to be carried out without the costly cover.